The Queen City Voice, appearing in inboxes everywhere

I pushed the send button today on the first issue of WVQC’s monthly newsletter, the Queen City Voice. (click here if you’d like the Voice emailed to you.)

This is my first mass-emailing, so I’m a little proud and pretty excited about it.

Of course, as soon as I hit ‘Send’ I notice the typo. I decided it would work better in next month’s newsletter, so I removed it from this edition, but I accidentely left the link to it in the Contents section.

So if you’re wondering, the Radio Free Queen City Advisory Board article is not actually in this newsletter, but it will be in there next month. Think of the listing in the Table of Contents as a teaser of what’s to come.

For those not signed up for our mailing list, the Queen City Voice is posted below:

Dear Katie,

Welcome to the Queen City Voice, Radio Free Queen City’s monthly newsletter.

WVQC is almost on the air. Eight years after we filed our license application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and one year after we received our permit to begin constructing the station, I’m happy to finally announce that WVQC, Cincinnati’s first low power radio station, is less than 4 months away from our launch date of August 1, 2009.

With our launch date just around the bend, things are moving quickly here at WVQC. Last month we kicked off our Free the Airwaves fundraising campaign and membership drive. We need your generous support to bring local, independent radio to the air.

There’s even more news to report. WVQC has added interactive new features, such as a discussion forum, on our website, so you can join the conversation about what you’d like to hear on WVQC.

The press has gotten excited about WVQC too. In the last few weeks, we’ve been featured on Channel 19 News, in the Enquirer, Soapbox Media, Business Courier and local blogs UrbanCincy and Tri-State Media Watch. Read on below for more details.

Help Free the Airwaves

Radio Free Queen City needs your support. In March, WVQC officially kicked off our Free the Airwaves campaign to raise $127,000 by August 1. We need your support to bring local, independent, quality radio to Cincinnati.

The money will help WVQC get on the air and keep it running for the first year. It will allow us to purchase necessary equipment, pay the rent for our studio, set up classes to train volunteer DJs and hire a station manager.

The timing is urgent. Our FCC construction permit requires us to be on the air by August. If we miss our deadline, Cincinnati risks losing its only low power FM radio license.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help bring non-commercial, community radio to Cincinnati. A membership of just $15, $50 or $95.70 will support WVQC and help bring quality, local, independent radio to 95.7 FM.

Your City, Your Radio

How often do you get a say over what you hear on the radio? At Radio Free Queen City, we believe that you, the community, should shape what’s played over your airwaves.

We’re committed to airing shows that reflect the interests of community members like you. Chime in and tell us what’s missing from Cincinnati’s radio dial. Local news? Local bands?

Visit our discussion forum at and tell us what you’d like to hear on independent radio. Your comments will help us put together a strong program schedule that informs, inspires and entertains the city.

Our programs will be hosted by volunteer community members like you. Later this summer, we’ll be accepting applications for shows. If you’re interested in hosting, stay tuned for updates.

WVQC in the Press

Radio Free Queen City has made a splash in the press. Local blog Tri-State Media Watch was the first to report the story. Then, on March 25, we were featured on Channel 19’s evening news.

The next day we in John Kiensewetter’s blog on the website and the Cincinnati Business Courier. Next we were mentioned in the Sunday Enquirer on March 29 and in local blog, UrbanCincy a few days later.

On the week of April 6, WVQC staffer Katie Finnigan stepped in as guest blogger on Soapbox, writing three posts about the local, alternative and community aspects of WVQC.

Thanks to the press for jumping on this story and promoting the station.

For more information about WVQC, Radio Free Queen City or to support the station or participate in the discussion forum, visit our website at

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