Every Woman

Tune in: Saturdays from 1-3 PM ET

Every Woman is the second longest running women’s issues, news, and music show in America – on the air for over 30 years! Covering all genres of music, each DJ brings their own special flair spinning some of their favorites from both local and national artists.

What to expect: Interviews, moments in women’s history, calendar of local events at the top of the second hour, music production tips, view on popular topics, vast array of music, and much more.

Amy Ketchum is the producer and co-host of Every Woman. She is the manager of the IT project mgmt. office for a publishing agency. In her spare time, she writes and records her own music as well as music for others often described as trip hop or darkwave electronica. Amy has 6 years of on-air experience at WAIF 88.3 FM and has worked as a sound design artist for employers such as Playhouse In The Park.

Tune in each Saturday as a different co-host for Every Woman presents a creative and informative show. You will hear on air personalities:Candydish, Austin Ash, Renee Amante, Mellow Dee, and our newest addition, hip hop recording artist Abiyah.

The Love Zone

Tune in: Sundays from 7-9 on 95.7 FM and wvqc.org and Mondays from 7-9 PM on wvqc.org

The Love Zone is the creation of Charles Hudson a.k.a. Mr. Charles. The show is a mix of old and new school R&B, jazz, reggae and alternative music. The show came about after listening to a mellow moods show on the radio and hearing most of the songs repeated throughout the day and night. Another influence was the Todd Black Show on which he made several appearances in 2003. After taking an interest in the radio show class at Media Bridges, the Love Zone started in January 2004.

Dartilous Edwards’ Full Effect Entertainment Live

Tune In: Saturday 11 AM – 1 PM

Host: Dartilous Edwards

Including the Dartilous Edwards Weekend Jam and the Dartilous Edwards Holy Praise Jam. Hip-hop, R&B, Soul and Gospel, every Saturday at 11 AM. If you want to listen go to www.wvqc.org. Make sure you have a good time and listen. I’ll be playing old and new school.

On Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day R&B only. Listen to the Back to School Edition in September. The Christmas Jam is in December. Every last Saturday of each month is the Weekend Jam Block Party.