WVQC, Radio Free Queen City is your local alternative.

We’re an independent, low power, community radio station in Cincinnati, OH streaming live online and to 95.7 FM. We broadcast from our studio at Media Bridges in historic Over-the-Rhine.

WVQC is a non-commercial, volunteer-powered station operated by Media Bridges, Cincinnati’s non-profit community media center. Media Bridges holds the FCC license.


WVQC provides a platform for local, diverse voices within Cincinnati’s communities, especially the urban core. It serves our neighborhoods as a source of information and entertainment relevant to the needs of both residents and businesses.

The flexible programming policy of WVQC encourages the public to participate in community conversation by both live and pre-recorded broadcasting. Its emphasis on local matters extends from: governance initiatives, education and media training opportunities; to underrepresented cultures prevalent in Cincinnati; to activist groups; and the local arts and music scene.

WVQC’s airwaves stream with creative, educational and lively content that our communities want and are willing to support. We strive to open up the airwaves to all the voices of the Queen City. At WVQC, we build community through radio.

Low Power FM Radio

Low power FM radio stations, or LPFMs represent community radio at its best. They are small, up to 100-watt radio stations with a signal reach of just a few miles. LPFMs are non-commercial, locally-owned, innovative ways for local communities to take back their airwaves. See about LPFM for more information.


WVQC’s programming is produced and hosted by local volunteers. We air over 40 locally produced shows that cover topics relevant to the community and serve audiences that are underrepresented in the mainstream media, and we play over 90 hours a week of music by over 150 of Cincinnati’s best local artists.

Our four goals are to:

  • Increase access to local media
  • Increase the diversity of voices on the air
  • Promote local arts and culture and give exposure to local musicians
  • Encourage public discussion and civic engagement


WVQC is a non-profit, non-commercial station and we depend on the generous support of our listeners and underwriters to get us on the air and keep us there. Support local radio by becoming a member.

WVQC is supported in part by the Cincinnati Computer Cooperative, Essex Studios and the Ohio Valley Foundation.


WVQC shares its airwaves with two other local organizations: The Holy Spirit Center and the Forest Hills School District. We will be on the air 51 hours a week and are streaming live on the internet 24 hours a day.

Media Bridges

Radio Free Queen City is licensed by Media Bridges, Cincinnati’s Community Media Center.

Media Bridges provides the education, equipment and services to help people communicate effectively through media. Visit their website to learn more about their wide range of services including:

  • Affordable non-profit media services
  • Free television production training
  • On-site television studio, available for public use
  • Video editing facilities, available for public use
  • Cameras and production equipment available for public use
  • Public access television programming
  • Community technology centers


Radio Free Queen City’s studios are located at Media Bridges in Over-the-Rhine. See our contact page for our address and directions.