Pass the Mic

Tune in: 9-10 AM, second and fourth Saturday of every month.

Pass the Mic showcases local youth artists ages 2-28. It features interviews from young singers, dancers, athletes, artists, musicians and any other kind of talented group that helps keep the youth of Cincinnati in a positive place in their lives. Pass the Mic will visit schools and community shows to review performances and see artists in their element. Listen for live, in-studio performances and reviews on youth events and youth-based businesses in the city.

Host Jacqueline Cox is the mother of 9-year-old Robert who loves the arts and will be helping co-host the show. She believes that arts enrichment is the best way to keep kids focused on positivity, staying in school and off the streets.

Jacqueline graduated from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in 2007. She was a DJ on’s 80’s and loved it. She has Pass the Mic (Robert)(scaled).JPG also been singing since the age of 2 and has been featured on the CDs of many local artists.

Jacqueline loves children and as president of Schiel’s PTA for the past 2-years, has seen first-hand the talent that is coming up in Cincinnati. She says that, “all we need to do is give our youth a little sunshine and spotlight so they can continue to grow!”

Robert is a student at Schiel Primary for the arts, soon to be a student at the new School of Creative and Performing Arts. He is a vocalist, violinist, drama major and excellent public speaker.

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