Get Your Word Out

Do you own or manage a business in Cincinnati? Need an affordable way to get your word out? Want to support your community? Become an underwriter on Radio Free Queen City!

WVQC is Cincinnati’s new low-power FM station (broadcasting to a signal radius of 3-5 miles) featuring local content – for the people, by the people. Currently, WVQC is offering underwriting slots for local businesses at a rate that is more affordable than corporate-owned stations, and allows your business to invest in an important community asset.

About Underwriting

Underwriting contributions from businesses, organizations and individuals are the major source of revenue for non-commercial, educactional, community stations such as WVQC-LP. The FCC allows non-profit stations to fund themselves through the sale of underwriting. Underwriting is a form of limited advertising regulated by the FCC.

Underwriting messages may contain:

  • Company name, location, telephone number and web address
  • Established corporate slogan, provided it is not promotional
  • Value neutral descriptions of products and services
  • Vendor or trade names of products and services offered
  • Underwriting messages may not contain:
  • Calls to action
  • Promotional or qualitative language
  • Price information
  • Inducements to buy or sell

WVQC staff will work with you to craft your message. Messages are usually 1 or 2 sentences and last no longer than 20 seconds. For more information, view our underwriting agreement.

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