Cool Chick Radio hosted by Nikki Suede

Tune in: Sundays from 6-7 PM on 95.7 FM and and Tuesdays from 6-7 PM on

“Cool Chick Radio Hosted by Nikki Suede” is a music show featuring mostly R&B and Neo-Soul music by commercial artists as well as regional, local and indie artists. This show is different from those featured on commercial radio in that it focuses heavily on songs and artists that do not get much airtime on commercial radio stations. The smooth sounds of Nikki Suede’s selection will leave you wanting more.

Host Nikki Suede is the alter ego of a certain “young professional” in Cincinnati. By day she works in Corporate America and as a budding entrepreneur. Her background is in business with a BS from Florida A&M University and a MBA from Xavier University, however she has been surrounded by radio her entire life. She has followed in the footsteps of her father, a radio personality of a different era (Joe Suede) and brings her love and passion for music to the airwaves.

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