That was then, This is Now Cincy

Tune in: Wednesdays from noon to 1

That Was Then, This Is Now Cincy airs on Thursdays at 6pm and Wednesdays at Noon during WVQC’s Local Lunch block. The premiss is to promote the bands actively playing in Cincinnati right now by also playing the bands those musicians were part of before.

The idea developed for two reasons. Firstly, before WVQC I worked at If there was one thing I learned from working at The Future of Rock and Roll; it’s that listeners love a spoonful of nostalgia with their dose of new music. Secondly, I didn’t live in Cincinnati for 6 years. Most of my local music expertise resides between ’95-’01. Getting reacquainted with Cincinnati’s local music scene really relied on my old friends and I playing the 6 degrees of separation game.

The show features a lot of classic Cincinnati Punk Rock but not without also showcasing how that scene (and/or those musicians) has evolved. If you’re new to Cincy music you may be very surprised to hear the musical path your favorite local bands have been on. If you’ve grown up here, you’re gonna eat up the nostalgia I’m dishin’ out!

I’m friends with some really amazing musicians that I am not only grateful for, but very proud to share with you! On that note; That Was Then, This Is Now Cincy is always looking for submissions. Whether it’s your current demo or the 7″ you put out in ’95, send it on over. It’s important to feel a strong connection with your local music community.

The Brian & Joe Radio Show

Tune in: Tuesdays noon-1

The Brian & Joe Radio Show debuted on Cincinnati Radio in June 2005. After a hiatus of several years, the original hosts, Brian Mueller & Joe Wessels have reunited to revive their popular weekly program. The (NEW) Brian & Joe Radio Show will feature all of the same energy, humor and enthusiasm their fans enjoyed, but will also present many new guest and topics in the areas of society, culture and politics. Brian and Joe are excited about delivering quality content and involving their listeners.

Co-host Brian Mueller considered a career in broadcasting while a student a Xavier University. He completed an internship at 55WKRC in 1992, but later became fascinated by computers. In 2005, Brian was somewhat more reticent than his co-host Joe to step into the spotlight hosting their original program, however he quickly established himself as a competent broadcaster and interviewer. His style is complimentary to Joe’s and together they are a compelling duo.

Joe Wessels, co-host and engineer of the Brian and Joe Radio Show, is a well-known journalist and columnist. Joe’s fascination with radio began as a child when he would tune in to 55WKRC to listen to Jerry Thomas each morning. It was Joe’s contacts and media saavy that created the initial buzz in Cincinnati around The Brian & Joe Radio Show back in 2005. You’ll know you’re listening to Joe when he first asks a poignant question and the next instant has you in stitches.

Joe resides in Cincinnati, OH, where he owns a self-storage business. He is also finishing his psychology degree and remains very involved with community and politics.

Jazz Straight, No Chaser

Hi, this is “Bo” on the radio and I’d like to tell how Jazz Straight, No Chaser came about. First, it was my father who instilled in me a love for jazz. With a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a mic he played DJ. As I watched and listened to Ella, Sarah, Dinah Washington and Armstrong, I fell in love with the music. So let’s just say as my father always said,

“I’m just continuing on son.”

So the show is about jazz, both local and classic tunes. Check it out and be enriched with the sound of jazz in the afternoon from 2-4 PM Fridays. Peace / Love.